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Production Update – January 31, 2017

VoiceIt pushed an update on January 31, 2017.

This update includes:

  • Fixed new image links for System Updates
  • Improved Performance on Console Pages
  • Update Lastest Hacks, System Updates, and fix broken images
  • Modified how -3db gain is applied to recordings
  • Improved Voice Biometric Rules
  • Fixed HTTP to HTTPS redirects for AWS Framework
  • Added logic for Web Demo for JSON response SRNR to display sweet alert to re-start your web browser
  • Fixed http/1.1 500 and 404 codes to redirect to index.jsp
  • Change Copyright (c) to 2017
  • Modified profile images on Company page

Production Update – October 31, 2016

VoiceIt pushed an update on October 31, 2016.

This update includes:

  • Stop Logging Amazon ELB’s as visitors
  • Fixed FNE JSON response with wave data not being able to be downloaded
  • Fixed Automatic Voice Detection
  • Fixed Logging for Authentication calls
  • Re-Tune Engines
  • Fixed Web Demo Issue Where Spanish Audio File Plays instead of English

Production Update – July 31, 2016

VoiceIt pushed an update on July 05, 2016.

This update includes:

  • Added VB.Net VoiceIt Wrapper.
  • Enhanced Billing Management and User Management Systems.
  • Enhanced Sound Profiling System.
  • Created Website Bug-Testing System
  • Added a second biometrics engine from VoicePass
  • Added Wrappers for Visual Basic, Perl, and Go
  • Reduced minimum recording length from 1.5 seconds to 1.2 seconds
  • Added new JSON Response for “Recording Volume Too Low”
  • Fixed Sweet Alert bug for Web Demo on Android
  • Added “Remove Account” option under Billing Management
  • Fixed arrows not working on input fields on pricing page
  • Fixed Billing Management bugs
  • Added maximum amplitude check >  in beginning of recordings
  • Fixed various Sweet Alert bugs


Production Update – May 10, 2016

VoiceIt pushed an update on May 10th, 2016.

This update includes:

  • Added PlatformID API Demo to API Demo.
  • Added IBM Watson to VoiceIt speech-to-text engine for Arabic.
  • Added a Promotion to our Sign Up page that gives developers an opportunity to get a FREE Tile.
  • Fixed Country Code cosmetic bug on the Text Verification section of Sign Up
  • Added Enhanced Interactivity to API Docs, where the Code Samples automatically contain Developer credentials when logged in to the Developer Portal.

Production Update – April 30, 2016

VoiceIt pushed an update on March 30th, 2016.

This update includes:

  • Upgraded database to RDS Aurora
  •  Migrated all our API server to Elastic beanstalk to making the API scalable using auto load balancers
  • Updated API documents and wrappers(removed all the accuracy parameters)
  • Made sure Web Demo more compatible with mobile devices, and redirects to IVR Demo page, if the browser does not support audio recording
  • Modified Latency checks on Elastic Beanstalk, to spawn new instances once a certain latency threshold is reached.
  • Ported our server log files to database, to keep them in one place instead of the various spawning instances.
  • Updated our speech to text services.