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VoiceIt Teams Up With VoicePass

VoiceIt is excited to announce its new marketing and technology partnership with VoicePass.

By working together, VoiceIt and VoicePass will offer an unprecedented user experience.  Because VoiceIt and VoicePass take slightly different approaches to voice biometrics, collaboration between the two engines increases both security and usability.  

Both companies have expressed excitement about this new partnership.

“This marketing and technology partnership allows VoiceIt to grow its business, and offer a multi-modal voice biometrics service.” said Noel Grover, CEO of VoiceIt, after a board meeting with VoicePass. “ With this collaboration, we will redefine the voice biometrics industry standard.”

CEO of VoicePass Michael Farah commented on the strength of this partnership saying, “The main advantages of combining two or more voice biometric engines into one platform are improving performance, saving customers time and money, and removing complex passwords that are far more vulnerable to attack.” Michael believes the two companies will roll out the most advanced multi-factor voice biometric platform on the market.

Try VoiceIt’s multi-platform, cloud based voice biometrics services now:

VoiceIt News Release

VoiceIt is announcing a new pricing model. The Per User Per Month costs are now only $0.25 and Per Authentication costs are now only $0.025. In addition, the new automated pricing feature will choose the most cost-effective plan for you at the end of each month.

News release has been posted in many major websites including Yahoo!(VoiceIt Makes Voice Biometrics Easy and Affordable).

For more information, please view the promotion video: VoiceIt finally makes Voice Biometrics Affordable

Voiceprint, the Rising Star in Cyber Security

Mark Ames from wrote an article thoroughly explaining the business and technology behind voice biometrics .
“Voiceprint technology — companies and governments storing human ‘voice prints’ as unique and efficient for surveillance purposes as fingerprints, and now an industry that’s expected to nearly double in size by next year to nearly $1 billion in annual revenues.”

To read more, please go to “Voice Biometrics”: The first circle of Hell

VoiceIt at Twilio Signal Conference

This May, the VoiceIt crew attended the Twilio Signal Conference in San Francisco, California.  We spent three amazing days showing off VoiceIt’s technology.  Upon arriving in San Francisco, we set up our hotel rooms and went out for a phenomenal seafood dinner at Scoma’s on the bay.  After a delicious meal, and stimulating conversation, we retired to our rooms in order to prepare for the next two days at the conference.

We headed to the showroom early the next morning to set up our booth and prepare for our breakout presentation.  As preparations progressed, all appeared to be well, and we began to see visitors stopping by our booth.  We had some very interesting conversations, gave several demos of our API, and made some invaluable contacts.  When the time to give our presentation finally came, we ran into some technical difficulties with the audio sourcing that hampered only one of the three demonstrations of our API.  However, our team kept their cool, and later demonstrations at our booth on the Twilio + VoiceIt demo proved the efficacy of our technology.  As the first day of the conference drew to a close, we shared a couple of beers and celebrated a job well done.  Armaan and I went to the the Twilio Bash that night, and won a drone.

On the final day of the conference, we were at our booth bright and early to greet visitors. We engaged with interested project managers and developers from around the world, and had a blast doing so!  Our photographer Jimmy was also busy, taking amazing shots of the event and soaking in his first exposure to a developer conference. When the Signal Conference closed at 6pm, we decided to celebrate a successful event with an authentic Chinese dinner in Chinatown.  The Signal Conference was a phenomenal event, and we’d like to thank Twilio and the event staff for providing this great opportunity for us.

If you’d like to see more of VoiceIt at the Twilio Signal Conference, follow the link below
VoiceIt @ Signal